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Spanish model for sustainable living: Patio 2.12 house at EIP SCC 2016 General Assembly

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Tackling the major environmental, societal and health challenges facing European cities today is a major duty of present and future generations. With reference to this subject, the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP SCC) initiated and supported by the European Commission, selected ENACE’s commitment number 6336 to join the “common effort to build a dynamic market-place for smart city projects and solutions in Europe”.


As a member of the Action Cluster “Sustainable Districts and Built Environment” ENACE has been participating in meetings, teleconferences as well as chaired the break-out session on Business Models for Sustainable Districts at the General Assembly in Berlin, Germany, 21 May 2015.


The second EIP SCC General Assembly in Eindhoven takes place in the Netherlands, 24 May 2016.  During the session on positive energy blocks, ENACE will share the Spanish model Patio 2.12 designed by the University of Jaén. This building was awarded the 2nd Solar Decathlon prize in 2012 for its innovative response to the need for sustainable homes.


By assembling ideas and sharing experiences under the auspices of the European Commission, together with delegates from industry, European municipalities and regions, academia and civil society ENACE contributes to strengthening implementation of EU energy laws and policies on the national level and shares solutions made in Spain with the aim to be rolled-out evenly across Europe, while taking into account differences in city size and geoclimatic conditions.


Let us know if you want to join ENACE to participate in making Smart Cities and Communities happen in Europe as soon as possible.