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The Spanish POWER HOUSE platform publishes best practices

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At the latest POWER HOUSE platform meeting, held in Madrid on May 26th, a newly published collection of Spanish best practices in sustainable social housing was presented.

In addition, The Institute for Energy Diversification and Efficiency from the Spanish Ministry for Trade, Tourism and Industry was invited to present a new funding programme entitled Biomcasa to promote the use of biomass in the residential sector. Members raised some logistic issues related to storage and delivery which should be considered in the context of the programme.

The Spanish platform's members were also presented with an update of the resources which POWER HOUSE EUROPE puts at their disposal by the project coordinator. In addition in response to issues related to esthetics of solar thermal panels and problems related to overheating, the meeting included a presentation of the product Solar Item which provides roofing material which combines solar thermal panels and roofing tiles with an in-built cooling device.

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