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Successful Heat Pump Conference in Montreal: post event results

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Every three years the IEA Heat Pump Programme stages the international IEA Heat Pump Conference.

“Global Advances in Heat Pump Technology, Applications and Market” was the theme for the 11th IEA Heat Pump Conference held in Montreal (May 12-16).


The conference brought together experts from all over the world to engage in sharing ideas and experiences with the goal of improving the use of an already very efficient heating and cooling technology.


The Conference had a 5 day programme:

  • 1 day HPP Annex workshops - The workshop, presenting different projects within the IEA Heat Pump Programme, was well attended.
  • 3-day conference - with three parallel tracks, oral presentations, and poster presentations. 325 attendees from over 30 countries were given a great opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss the latest news about heat pump markets, applications and technology with other participants including experts from governments, utilities, manufacturers, research organisations and other organisations within the area of energy-efficient technologies.
  • 1 day side event - The Canadian “7th National Ground Source heat pump business and policy forum” had 175 attendees.


In a ceremony held at the conference banquet at the 11th IEA Heat Pump Conference in Montreal, Dr. Michel Bernier, Mr. Frédy Burkhalter, Mr. Daniel Ellis, Dr. Andrew Pearson and Dr. Koichi Watanabe were given the prestigious Peter Ritter von Rittinger Medal, the highest international award in the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration field.

For more information, see Awardees 2014 and Rittinger Award (on



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