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[Survey] Cultural-E data visualisation survey: An easy-to-understand visualisation library for Positive Energy Buildings

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Cultural-E is a EU-funded project, which aims to define modular and replicable solutions for Plus Energy Buildings, accounting for climate and cultural differences, while engaging all key players involved in the building life cycle.


Plus Energy Building design relies on effective building energy modelling at early design stages. This means prioritising load reduction, while still taking into account household practices and enhanced indoor environmental quality on a performance-based design perspective. The data visualisation of simulation outputs is a key factor for an effective communication among the stakeholders. However, the results of building energy simulations are often reported to decision-makers with no clear terminology, alienating the data representation which therefore discourages non-experts in the field of building physics.


The Cultural-E survey aims to identify major targeted questions and performance indicators that are meaningful to designers and stakeholders in order to define automated data visualisation charts and outputs, generated by energy simulation tools.


The survey is conducted by Eurac Research, Institute for Renewable Energy, and it is available in five EU languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.


Click here to take the survey:


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