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[The testimonies: Is it CUBE or not CUBE?] DALKIA Europe Tour, a high-rise certified building

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Cube2020 is the contest for use and energy savings organised by IFPEB. For 1 year, users of candidate buildings commit to reducing their energy consumption, mobilising their teams on the challenge of an efficient building and carrying out awareness-raising actions. Candidates from the DALKIA Europe Tour give their feedbacks on the contest.


IGH Certified buildings categoryTower renovated in 201226 floors - HQE certifiedGross floor space (Dalkia private): 9,000 m²Average number of occupants: 450Mode of occupation: tenantInternal operator.


Their objectives for 2017 The target for 2017 was set at 10 % savings (CUBE Bronze Medal 2020). The financial savings were to be donated to Roland Jourdain’s Explore Foundation (a partner of Dalkia for several years). After one year, the results (...)


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