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[The testimonies: Is it CUBE or not CUBE?] Fonds Belval, a Luxembourg administrative building

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Here is a candidate who has a lot to teach us. This candidate, who had been in contact with our Luxembourg partner NEOBUILD, presented the project to his management during an internal meeting on technical management. Dossier validated, they embarked in the third edition of the CUBE 2020 competition! After 8 months of competition, this building saved more than 21% of energy at the end of August, and it is not finished! The excellent work on the consumption stubs will bear fruit until the end of the competition.


Semi-industrial buildings category Gross useful floor area:

  • 11,200 m² Building in R+15 30 indoor parking spaces
  • Construction: 2009-2012
  • Average number of occupants: 249
  • Mode of occupation: Owner Internal operator  

1, avenue du Rock’n Roll, 4631 Esch-sur-Alzette LUXEMBOURG   (...)

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