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Testing the SRI

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In close interaction with various stakeholders, the study team has developed a provisional Smart Readiness Indicator assessment method and calculation scheme.
We kindly invite all interested stakeholders to engage in the public bèta testing of this approach.


To participate, please provide your details through this form.
You will be provided with a guidance package and a calculation sheet (all in English) to perform an SRI assessment on one or more buildings of your choice. It is envisioned that an assessment will take you a few hours up to one day for a building, depending on the complexity of the building and the availability of information sources. The bèta testing will be carried out on a voluntary basis and will not require any specific prior knowledge on the SRI.


We kindly ask you to provide your feedback by 15 November 2019 to allow it to be processed by the study team.


Read the full news here.


Also check the 2nd interim report of the Smart Readiness Indicator for Buildings here.