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Two energy-efficient building products among the winners of the European Aluminium Award 2010 on Industrial Design & Engineering

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Two energy-efficient building products are among the winners of the European Aluminium Award 2010 on Industrial Design & Engineering: A building integrated solar thermal collector for domestic hot water, heating and cooling with evacuated tubes and semitransparent perforated aluminium reflector and a heat exchanger for shower cabins
Up to now, solar collectors which were integrated into façades were primarily available in form of flat plate collectors with a thermally insulated opaque rear wall. The award winning technology is based on evacuated tubes combined with aluminium reflectors in combination with aluminium frames and façade elements. All important technical aspects are uniquely combined in this product: thermal energy collection, visual transparency, even distribution of light throughout the room, thermal insulation and protection from the sun.

The collector collects sunlight in front of the façade and protects the adjoining rooms from direct solar radiation. Due to the low thermal losses, solar heat with high temperatures (60-90°C) can be produced, which is then supplied to the building through the pipe system integrated into the façade profiles, to heat drinking water and produce heat or provide solar cooling.

A slight proportion of the sunlight penetrates the perforations of the reflector into the building, providing even and low-glare lighting of the room and visual transparency for the office users.

By making the right choice for the perforations of the reflector, both the solar protection which is important for the office building and the high level of collector efficiency are ensured. The high level of thermal insulation on the glass façade ensures a small level of energy consumption during the heating period. The opening window sashes on the façade make it possible to easily clean the glass surfaces.

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Heat exchanger for shower cabins

Main innovation is the use of an aluminium tube in direct contact with the drinking water. The specially developed coating prevents any migration of aluminium into the drinking water.

Douche-WTW is a simple tube which can be installed in the wall below the shower cabin. The excellent thermo conductivity of aluminium recovers the heat of the wastewater which is re-used. This will save you 50% of energy each time you shower.

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