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Two new guidebooks by Energy Cities: financing energy renovation of public and residential buildings

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These guidebooks are good examples of learning how to develop and implement three innovative financing schemes that have been tested by 11 European cities and regions.


Although many cities and regions have engaged into the energy transition, financing sustainable energy measures remains a great challenge. Some project investment costs are high, and covering them by using only municipal budget and traditional financing mechanisms is difficult.

Local and regional authorities have to be resourceful and open-minded to invent and test new financing mechanisms, business models, organisational structures and partnerships to make their sustainable energy projects happen. This requires strong technical, financial, legal and coordination skills and expertise in local authorities.


These 2 guidebooks present solutions based on the comprehensive analysis of Stuttgart innovative financing schemes and 6 other Energy Cities members’ replication experiences within the Infinite solutions project.


 More information from the Energy Cities website where the Guides can be downloaded.


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