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UK: Households continuing to make their homes more energy efficient

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UK: Households continuing to make their homes more energy efficient

In establishing Green Deal, the government has set the conditions to grow the energy efficiency market in Great Britain. Although still in the early stages, activity so far shows that consumers are being helped to make their homes more efficient. Over 100,000 assessments have been undertaken since January, with latest research suggesting that households find them helpful in reducing their energy consumption.

The latest research on consumer reaction to the Green Deal, ‘Wave Three’, was published on 16th December 2014 and shows:

  • 81 per cent of households intend to or have already had at least one recommended measure installed: (65 per cent have had work carried out, six per cent are in the process of installing improvements, and a further 10 per cent intend to install at least one recommended measure);
  • 78 per cent found the assessment useful, 78 per cent had confidence in recommendations by the assessor, and 76per cent said they would recommend a green deal assessment to a friend; and
  • when households were asked how they paid for measures, energy company funding (ECO) was mentioned in 22 per cent of cases, with local authority funding (16 per cent), provider/installer finance (13 per cent) and savings and regular income (11 per cent) being the other most common means of payment

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said: "The research undertaken in November and published today shows that Green Deal assessments are highly valued by consumers. Crucially, they are helping people to control their energy costs this winter." "Over 100,000 assessments have been carried out so it’s particularly encouraging that over 80 per cent of people have, are or intending to install at least one measure in homes and that well over a third of recommended measures have now been installed. This is a powerful endorsement of the Green Deal."

The Green Deal is a scheme that can help you make energy-saving improvements to your home or business

  • It is an ambitious twenty-year programme to make our buildings more energy efficient, while helping families takes control against rising energy costs.
  • Eight million households in Britain could benefit from solid wall insulation, and four million from cavity insulation, mostly harder to treat jobs.
  • Businesses are taking advantage of a new market; consumers are being inspired to make their homes more efficient. Green Deal is helping them to do this.
  • And consumer interest is clear. Over 100,000 Green Deal assessments have now been completed.

Of the £540 million the Government recently announced would be made available over the next three years to boost energy efficiency, £450 million will be aimed at households and private landlords. New schemes will be designed to complement the Green Deal and stimulate the flow of more private finance into energy efficiency. The Green Deal is also being strengthened to make it more attractive for consumers and to remove unnecessary cost for companies. Further details will be made available in 2014.