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UK unlikely to meet its climate targets, study finds

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A new report, prepared by the Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE) and the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), presents a worrying picture of the UK’s prospects for achieving its carbon targets in the building sector.


The research looked into what emissions abatement current UK Government policy is set to achieve in the buildings sector for the 5th Carbon Budget and quantified the shortfall between this and the abatement needed to deliver the Committee’s on Climate Change (CCC’s) optimal path. According to the study, the Government’s projections for abatement do not meet the 5th Carbon Budget in buildings and more will have to be done. The emissions from buildings will exceed those recommended by the Committee on Climate Change for the 5th Carbon Budget, in 2030, by 18%.


The study stresses the need to consider the potential to reform, extend and expand present and planned policies, to de-risk them, and to introduce new policies that deliver additional abatement in the building sector. The benefits of meeting the 5th Carbon Budget in buildings justify considerable public and private investment to capture them. Ensuring this happens depends on the creation of a robust and long-term policy framework that supports the development of sustainable markets for low carbon retrofit and construction.


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