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Update on the SABO Energy Challenge: 102 public housing companies with 376 000 apartments save energy together!

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In 2008, SABO, The Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies(, started an initiative called the SABO Energy Challenge (Skåneinitiativet). The initiative can somewhat be compared with the Kyoto protocol, but it´s about saving energy and it´s a common goal for many of the public housing companies in Sweden. The 102 companies joining the initiative shall jointly reduce their energy use by 20 percent from base year 2007 to 2016. Over the first 2 years, the companies together reduced their energy consumption by 4.2% representing a total of 0.32 TWh. This compares with Sweden's total final energy consumption of 397 TWh (in 2008). The carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by 15% over the first 2 years! The SABO energy challenge involves a variety of activities (training, conferences, networking events, etc.) in order to save energy. The SABO Energy Challenge is a democratic project that shows that people and companies really can do something voluntary together, and gain a really good result.

The project is also a partner in the European project POWER HOUSE EUROPE - The big green housing exchange ( an initiative led by CECODHAS Housing Europe - The Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing ( supported by the Intelligent-Energy Europe programme.

To find out more on SABO’s energy activities, download the POWER HOUSE Swedish Newsletter available both in English and Swedish.