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Webinar: CITIES – BUILDINGS – SKILLS Energy Renovations in Historic Areas at Different Scales

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C19t4eQXw2A

On Monday 13th February from 10.00H to 11.00H CET, BUILD UP hosted the webinar "CITIES – BUILDINGS – SKILLS: Energy Renovations in Historic Areas at Different Scales", organised by the Cyprus Energy Agency (CEA).


The session, moderated by Aranzazu Galán, Senior Researcher at Université Libre de Bruxelles and BUILD UP Editorial Board Member, provided an overview of the Cyprus Energy Agency’s projects that relate to various aspects of energy efficiency of historic urban fabrics.


Andreas Pastides was the first speaker in taking the floor to offer an overview about the Cyrpus Energy Agency, explaining its objectives, vision and its participation in some European projects (more than 70) related with topics such as energy efficiency, just transition, energy communities, renewable energy sources or circular economy. The webinar served to detail some of them.


After this, Marina Kyriakou highlighted the HUB-IN project, that works in a holistic approach to addressing the common challenges of historic areas in Mediterranean countries. The VIOLET project was the following main character of the session, explained by Christina Palochi. VIOLET pretends the preservation of traditional and heritage buildings; the integration of energy efficiency and cultural heritage into policy planning, management and monitoring through interregional cooperation; and the endorsement of a building culture, among other purposes.


In the middle of the webinar, a survey consisting of several questions was carried out to help find out the professional profile of the webinar audience. Then, Palochi talked about the UPGREAT project, that aims to upskill building professionals involved in all phases of energy renovation processes; to minimize the energy performance gap between the design and construction phase; and to promote a holistic design approach for reducing construction, operation and maintenance costs.


To finalise the presentations, Soulla Karra offered an overview of two more projects focused on skills: We-QUALIFY and Bricks of Skills. "Energy Efficiency investment in the construction sector is expected to be a major source of both low skilled and high skilled jobs, and there will be a demand for new competencies at both the design and construction stages" explained Karra.


Finally, it was the turn of the audience to speak and share their thoughts through a Q&A session moderated by Aranzazu Galán.