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Webinar - District Heating and cooling: planning & digitalisation

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Some learnings of two european projects about district heating and cooling will be at the core this free webinar.
The webinar will be hold on the 10th of March 2020 from 10h30 to 12h (CEST).

Introduction by Mr Gabriele Pesce (Project Officer, EuroHeat&Power, BE) and Mr Benoit Hofer (Project Officer, CAP Construction, BE)
TEMPO: Technologies to decrease district heating temperature levels, by M. Dirk Vanhoudt (Researcher Energy Technology, VITO, BE)
HeatNet NWE: A CO2 calculation tool to estimate the benefits of your project, by Ms Audrey Pierre (District Heating Officer, Cerema, FR)
TEMPO: Finding and analysing faults with machine learning, by Mr Christian Johansson (PhD, CEO, NODA Intelligent Systems, SE)
Heatnet NWE: Best practices taken from the Transition Roadmaps of UK and Ireland (...)

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