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Webinar - Leveraging on standardisation for building data aggregation and analytics

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On 8th November, BUILD UP hosted the webinar "Leveraging on standardisation for building data aggregation and analytics", a workshop organised by the BIGG project in collaboration with their sister projects MATRYCS and BUILTHUB.


Moderated by Nerea Gómez, from the BIGG project, the aim of the discussion was to:


  • Share each project’s vision of contribution to standardisation;
  • Identify the common subjects and ideas that could be pushed to standardisation;
  • Identify similar structures among the projects that could help to influence the standards; 
  • Co-define together the founding principles and operational mechanisms of the Community of Standardisation.

María Pérez Ortega, Innovation Programme Manager at Inetum and Project Coordinator, opened the workshop by presenting the project and the context in which it is being developed before explaining the possibilities it offers for the sector. "First of all, we have to understand the data before searching for possible solutions", argued.


Then it was the turn of Ulrich Filippi Oberegger, Senior Researcher in the Energy Efficient Buildings group of Eurac Research, who explained the context where the BuiltHub project is developed, their data catalogue and the facilities to upload the collected data. He also talked about the standardisation efforts made and finalised with a list of needs and recommendations.


The participation of Vaggelis Marinakis, Assistant Professor at NTUA, was about the MATRYCS project,  and based his intervention on these three questions:


  • Who can provide/consume data?
  • What data are being collected?
  • How are data collected, managed & made available for use?

Marinakis also highlighted the creation of the Big Data Alliance (BDA), a community to leverage projects related to big data.


Roundtable about standardisation

Finally, a roundtable was held, moderated by Aranzazu Galán González, Senior Researcher at Université Libre de Bruxelles and BUILD UP Editorial Board Member. There, the different participants were able to share the different points of view of the projects and to share experiences around the questions raised:


  • How can we identify the outcomes of a project that should be pushed to standardisation?
  • How could a "sister project community" improve our standardisation impact?
  • What's the best way for an EU project to approach and contribute to standardisation committees?
  • How can we collaborate among the projects to co-develop a common ontology?

To conclude the session, the panellists (María Pérez Ortega, Ulrich Filippi Oberegger, Francesco Saverio Nucci, Vaggelis Marinakis, Guillaume Picinbono and Abel Muñoz Alcaraz) had the opportunity to answer also to the questions raised by the audience.