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Webinar on new EPBD tools to trigger renovations: building renovation passports and better access to financing

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This webinar took place 11 December.

The webinar recording is availabre here and the presentation here.

The countdown to transpose the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) has started!


Member States have until March 2020 to translate into national law all the new requirements from the EU energy efficiency legislation affecting buildings. To discuss changes and challenges, but also opportunities, EuroACE (the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings) has written a Guidance Note on the topic. 

For more information about this topic please visit EuroACE website.


After several weeks of consultations with stakeholders, including at national level, EuroACE will present the final version of its Guidance Note in a series of webinars in cooperation with BUILD UP.


The second webinar of the series took place on December 11th and adressed the new EPBD tools to trigger renovations: building renovation passports and better access to financing.


The webinar was moderated by Adrian JOYCE, EuroACE Secretary General, who also introduced a overview of EuroACE Guide to EPBD Implementation.

The presentation of EuroACE Guide to EPBD Implementation, focusing on the chapters on ‘Building Renovation Passports’ and ‘Better Access to Financing’, was given by Céline CARRE, EuroACE President.

Afterwards the webinar counted with the presentations of Christophe MILIN and Philippe MOSELEY, Project Advisors on H2020 energy efficiency programmes, EASME, about the perspective from the EU level.

Subsequently, the perspective from the national level - insights into the IBroad project - was presented by Mariangiola FABBRI, Senior Project Manager, BPIE – Buildings Performance Institute Europe.

At the end there was a Q&A session.


Thank all the attendees for joining us at the webinar, we hope they join again to the third webinar of the series. Stay tuned, more information comming soon!


Remember, you can listen to the webinar through this link and take a look at the presentation here!