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Webinar - Skills enhancement needed for Energy Efficient Historic Buildings

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Hosted by BUILD UP, the INCREAS project (Innovation and Creative Solutions for Cultural Heritage) organised a webinar titled "Skills enhancement needed for Energy Efficient Historic Buildings”. The INCREAS project is about describing the Cultural Heritage sector based on required skills, which covers the skills identified and trained by our previous H2020 project PRO-Heritage “Protect traditional built Heritage Skills”. The event took place the 28th February 2023 at 10.00H CET.


Moderated by Aranzazu Galán, BUILD UP’s Editorial Board Member, the session started with the intervention of Gerald Wagenhofer (UBW), who talked about the climate crisis and the energy transition that is needed in Europe to be the first climate-neutral continent. 


After that, it was Federica Epifani's (CUEBC & University of Salento) turn, and her speech about "Endangered skills, endangered heritage. Insights from cademic research". Epifani highlighted the INCREAS project and gave some insights and evidences from it. 


Wagenhofer took the floor again, in this case to speak about improving the energy efficiency of traditional buildings, a task on which the PRO-Heritage project were focused. The last speaker was Astrid Huber, who talked about "Industrialised Solutions understood as Standardised Implementation – Care & Repair executed by experience craftsperson and conservators", exemplified in the Center for Historic Crafts at the Kartause Mauerbach.


During the webinar, a series of closed-ended polls were shared to get some thoughts from the audience, followed by a Q&A moderated by Karin Novotny (UBW).