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Webinar on STUNNING: Innovative business models and smart financing for the deep renovation of European buildings

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This webinar took place 28 March.

The webinar recording is availabre in our YouTube channel and the presentation through this link.

The annual rate of home and commercial building renovation is well under the 3% required to achieve European climate and energy goals. There is a need to accelerate investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to boost cost-effective building renovation benefiting all Europeans.


Promising business models and financing solutions are being tested and implemented in Europe and globally. How are they implemented and why are they effective? How can these business models be better replicated across Europe? What are the opportunities for investors and cities leading the clean energy transition?


The EU H2020 project STUNNING (SusTainable bUsiNess models for the deep reNovation of buIldiNGs) has the goal to promote successful and innovative building renovation packages and business models around a virtual and collaborative knowledge sharing platform: the STUNNING Renovation Hub, so as to accelerate their adoption.


If you want to know more about the STUNNING project do not miss the opportunity and watch this webinar in collaboration with Build Up!


After a short introduction of the project by Karine Laffont-Eloire from DOWEL Management (project coordinator), Lorenzo Dall’Oro from STUNNING partner RINA Consulting gave an overview of the business models to finance the deep refurbishment of buildings that have been analysed by STUNNING. Two of them where then presented in more detail:


-EuroPACE: Integrated Homes Renovation Platform, presented by Eduard Puig MacLean (GNE Finance): EuroPACE is inspired by the success of an innovative financing model called PACE, launched in California in 2008. To date, PACE was used to fund over $6 billion of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, including the retrofit of over 220,000 homes and thousands of commercial buildings resulting in more than 50,000 new local jobs and the creation of hundreds new companies. EuroPACE project intends to build upon the best practices in the US and adapt this financing mechanism to Europe, starting with programs in Olot, Spain and the Basque Country.


-Enhanced Energy Performance Contracting, presented by Jo Southernwood (IERC) from the NOVICE project: The NOVICE project aims to validate a new business model that combines the installation of energy efficiency measures with the provision of demand response services to the grid under a single, enhanced EPC. This approach creates a dual revenue stream – one from savings on energy bills and a second from the provision of balancing grid services – which could reduce the overall payback period of building renovations making deep retrofit projects more attractive to investors and building owners.


To finalise there was a Q&A session and a wrap up of the presentation.


Project STUNNING is funded by the European Union’s framework programme Horizon 2020 under grant agreement No 768287. It started on October 2017 with a duration of 24 months and is coordinated by DOWEL Management (France) with project partners CSTB (France), RINA Consulting (Italy), Solintel (Spain) and Steinbeis 2i (Germany).


Take a look at the presentation of the webinar here!