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Welcome to the new Concerto website

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Welcome to the new Concerto website

Concerto is a European Commission initiative within the European Research Framework Programme (FP6 and FP7) which aims to demonstrate that the optimisation of the building sector of whole communities is more efficient and cheaper than optimisation of each building individually. The EU initiative of DG Energy has co-funded 58 communities in 22 projects in 23 countries and started in 2005. The initiative offers now a new website full of information on the different projects.

Are you an investor, a local authority, a material supplier, a designer, an urban planner, a developer, an energy utility, a contractor, an engineer, a  tenant or a building owner?

Are you interested in the use of multiple renewable energy sources in combination with sustainable construction and energy efficiency measures?

Find role models, case studies, assessments, recommendations, intelligent enquiries… of realised examples in 58 communities about:

  • innovative technologies ready to be applied
  • sustainable building and district development
  • renewable energies for cities
  • energy efficiency measures
  • affordable energy
  • energy transparency for citizens


....make your choice!



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