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Winner of the SUB Award 2013

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Congratulations to all winners of the SUB Award 2013 by Construction21 and the Metropolitan Soloutions Fair. The winner of the SUB Award 2013 is: Omnia Energia Spa Head Office , Zumpano, Italy. All 10 winners will be presented at the Metropolitan Soloutions Fair Forum in Hannover at the 10th of April in Hannover.

Score Building Country

1 Omnia Energia Spa head Office Italy

2 La Casa del Sole Italy

3 Restoration of San Cristobal House Spain

4 New agency Groupe-

6 in Grenoble (38) France


6 Casa Borghesan-Corti CasaClima B+ Italy


8 Residenza Annamaria Italy

9 Nursing home in Badonviller France

10 Residencia para personas con movilidad reducida en... Spain (...)

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