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World Sustainable Energy Days 2018 – Call for Papers & Speakers

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More than 700 delegates from over 50 countries from business, public sector and the research community are expected to participate in the World Sustainable Energy Days 2018, one of Europe’s largest annual events on energy efficiency and renewable energy, which will take place from 28 February to 2 March 2018 in Wels, Austria, offering 7 conferences and 3 interactive events on sustainable energy.


The event’s topics are the following:


  •     renewable energy sources
  •     energy efficiency
  •     energy-efficient and sustainable buildings, energy services
  •     pellets
  •     sustainable energy research, technologies, markets and policies
  •     products, services, business models

The following options are available:



    Call for Papers


The organisers invite stakeholders to submit papers which can address the following aspects:


  •     successfully realised projects
  •     technical and business innovation, research results
  •     policies, programmes, strategies
  •     information, marketing, dissemination
  •     market analyses, studies
  •     innovative products
  •     financing solutions and business models
  •     integrated approaches and solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources


    Call  for "Young Energy Researchers Conference"


   The organisers invite young researchers to submit papers on (1) biomass or (2) energy efficiency.



    Propose a speaker


  Propose a speaker (yourself or someone else).



Take the opportunity and share your work, projects, research results, achievements, ideas and insights with the worldwide sustainable energy community!


Paper submission deadline: 10 October 2017.



For further information or paper submission, please visit the relevant WSED 2018 webpage at the link below.