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The world's first Passive House Plus building has been certified

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A new chapter in energy efficient construction has begun with the certification of a single-family home in southern Germany as the world's first Passive House Plus building. The innovative concept of this house in the village of Ötigheim combines the tried and tested advantages of the Passive House Standard with the generation of renewable energy on-site or near the building. In this way, a completely renewable regional supply becomes possible. A Passive House Plus thus constitutes an ideal contribution to climate protection.


For the certification of the Ötigheim home, Dr. Wolfgang Feist, Director of the Passive House Institute said: "This building proves that creating an infrastructure based completely on renewable energy is already possible today for every building owner. The considerably improved Passive House energy efficiency allows the issue of seasonal discrepancies between generation and demand and the resultant storage problems to be overcome with minimum effort".


Early in 2015, the Passive House Institute introduced its new certification system. Besides the Passive House Classic, there is now the Passive House Plus certification category, which takes into account generation of energy. There is also the even more ambitious Passive House Premium category, where the energy demand is limited to 30 kWh/(m²a) and at least 120 kWh/(m²grounda) of energy must be produced.



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