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WWF publishes report on climate friendly national policies

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Climate-friendly policies not only reduce greenhouse emissions and bring environmental benefits; they also boost and diversify the economy, a recent report scoring some 100 climate policies from G20 countries reveals. The report carried out by Ecofys and Germanwatch for WWF and E3G evaluates climate policies of countries accounting for around three-quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions, identifying best and worst examples and lessons learned. The top places in the report were given to an "Efficiency in buildings" programme implemented by the German government and a "Feed-in tariff for renewable electricity" initiative, also in Germany.
A Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Mexico has shown that green solutions have strong potential to increase comfort and quality in life - important considerations for fast-growing, emerging economies. China's programme of targets for the 1000 most energy intensive enterprises led to permanent improvements in energy management and efficiencies in these companies.
The WWF-World Wide Fund for Nature urges the G20 Finance Ministers to take the steps required now to ensure that the next major wave of infrastructure investment is green.