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ZEBRA 2020 final conference: Presentations available

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On September 8th, the H2020 project called ZEBRA 2020 held its final conference on « monitoring the market uptake of nZEBS across Europe ».



ZEBRA2020 was launched end of April 2014 in Vienna and monitors the market uptake of low-energy buildings across Europe, thereby generating data and evidence for policy evaluation and optimisation.

The key objective of this project is to create an observatory for nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEBs) based on market studies and various data tools. The project partners systematically leveraged available data and knowledge from the European construction sector as well as from academia (e.g. nZEB best-practice studies and scenarios until 2030). The information gathered offered recommendations and strategies. ZEBRA2020 aimed to assist policy makers at the EU and Member State levels, energy agencies and the various stakeholders in the European building industry to develop impactful strategies and frameworks to accelerate the nZEB market-uptake by 2020.



ZEBRA2020 deliverables

So far, ZEBRA2020 has released


ZEBRA2020 Conference 

The conference organised on September, 8th provided intel on how to reach the 100%-share of nZEBs for new buildings after 2020. The event was organised in two sessions: 

  • Session 1  addressing the status of building stock development and uptake of nZEBs, while
  • Session 2  focusing specifically on strategy to accelerate the market uptake