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Argentine football star Carlos Tevez moves into energy saving house

Australia sets 20 % renewable target for 2020

New German study on how to reduce energy costs of computer centres by up to 75 %

Dena indicates the possible reduction of energy use as follows: - optimised use of server capacity: 35 % and more - thermal improvement of the centre (splitting into warm and cold air spaces): 20 % - use of modern and energy efficient...

Proposal to base UK university funding on carbon emission reduction

Guidebooks on how to reduce the energy consumption of houses available by German energy agency

The different information packages are: info package for tenants: cost-efficient measures such as simple insulation measures at pipes and behind radiators, correct heating and ventilation, energy saving at lights and household appliances...

Amendment of Construction Law in Poland changes the transposition of EPBD

New draft Dutch Standard on ventilation related to Energy Performance is published

Quality Assurance System for Improvement of Indoor Environment and Energy Performance when Retrofitting Multifamily Houses now available

An important part of the energy efficiency improvement potential lies in the existing residential building stock. If we are to achieve significant reductions of energy use in existing buildings, it is important to perform future large-...

New Dutch draft Standard on Energy Performance of Buildings is published

Energy efficient refurbishment: Ruins of a pre-war holiday building to become most energy efficient youth hostel

The energy efficient retrofit concept is based on a reduction of the primary energy need to a third of the German requirements for new buildings and on the environmental friendly supply of the remaining need including the neutralisation of...

EU Commission launches FP7 call for energy-efficient buildings

UK Housing Minister presents planning policy statement for eco-towns

These locations are: Whitehill-Bordon in Hampshire, St Austell (China Clay Community) in Cornwall, Rackheath (Norwich) in Norfolk and North West Bicester in Oxfordshire (see the eco-towns location map). All eco-town schemes brought forward...

UK Department for Communities and Local Government presents study on impact of definition of zero-carbon homes

The impact assessment includes the likely costs and benefits of the leading options. 4 options have been assessed in total ranging from doing nothing to 25 % reduction on 2006 Part L Building Regulations from 2010 and 44 % reduction from...

German Building Ministry publishes utilisation profiles for 4 additional types of non-residential building uses

Mayor of London announces plans for a multi-million pound "Green London Fund"

The fund aims to create a financing framework to energy efficiency measures that will cut energy bills and reduce carbon emissions. The savings made on energy costs will be used to pay off the upfront loans and be ploughed back into the...

Scotland: Government launches a 15 million pounds energy efficiency scheme

The way people use and conserve energy in the home is set to be revolutionised in Scotland with the offer of free energy audits, advice on becoming more energy efficient and free or discounted loft and cavity insulations. Read about the...

UK study says energy efficiency can save 100 pounds a year in homes

Cutting energy costs can be easier than many people think. Suggestions for reducing the energy use include also regularly defrosting the fridge and washing clothes at a lower temperature.

New support for CEE municipalities towards integrated energy efficient planning process in new build housing

New programme for the Energy Conservation in Households announced by the Greek Minister of Development

At least 80 percent of buildings in Greece were built before 1980, when the heating insulation regulation came into force. As a result, such buildings have usually very poor energy performance. The programme announced is a co-operation...

Example projects for sustainable urban renewal