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Decreto Legislativo 29 dicembre 2006, n.311 - Disposizioni correttive ed integrative al decreto legislativo 19 agosto 2005, n. 192, recante attuazione della direttiva 2002/91/CE, relativa al rendimento energetico nell edilizia

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This decree concerns the transposition of the EPBD in Italy. It modifies the decree . It gradually extends the energy certification to existing buildings, in three steps (July 2007, July 2008 and July 2009), according to building size, and depending if whole building or flat. Another novelty is a new list of minimum energy performance values, where the limits foreseen for 1-1-2009 have been moved forward to 2008, and new, even more restricted limits are indicated for 1-1-2010. The indicator for non-residential buildings is now expressed in kWh/m3 of building volume. The certification of new buildings starts immediately after publication of this Decree, using existing methods (limited to heating and domestic hot water) to express the numerical value of the energy performance, under responsibility of the building designer and the works director, until the new governmental guidelines on certification will come into force.