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Raumklimatechnik - Band 2 - Raumluft- und Raumkühltechnik

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The volume 2 of the „Rietschel “with the German title “Raumluft- und Raumkühltechnik was published by Springer- Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg, a big German publisher, in the middle of 2008. The 16 th edition of this handbook is edited by prof. emeritus Klaus Fitzner. The book consist of close to 20 independent chapters that are written by European experts.

The book gives the basic theory of HVAC technology in many important areas with recent updates of technology. Its focus is on the design of energy efficient systems for good indoor environment. It begins with a nice overview of the load for air conditioning, and how to manage those. It also illustrates some basic HVAC engineering like the moist air processes on psychometric graphs.

The book can be used in engineering education, however, as it is written as a handbook, and may not give enough the basic information for a student, but is an excellent for engineers to update the latest technology, and refresh the knowledge of theory behind the most important systems and components in air-conditioning.