Life Reusing Posidonia in Formentera

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"The Green Solutions Awards recognition for the work done is essential to maintain technical and political support for sustainable construction" says the architect Carles Oliver Barceló

Life Reusing Posidonia in Formentera, designed by Carles Oliver, Antonio Martín, Joaquín Moyá, Alfonso Reina y Maria Antònia Garcías, was one of the national winners of the Green Solutions Awards 2017 in the category of Low Carbon. The architect Carles Oliver Barceló, from the Balearic Institute of Housing (IBAVI), presents this award-winning building and its solutions based on constructive systems of local craft industries of organic production.

1. In the field of construction, what main characteristics and values define the IBAVI?

El The Balearic Institute of Housing (IBAVI for its acronym in Spanish: Instituto Balear de la Vivienda) is a public entity ascribed to the Ministry of Territory, Energy and Mobility of the Balearic Government, whose objective is the promotion of protected housing, which includes both the creation and maintenance of the park real estate available and affordable public housing . The IBAVI also processes and manages the rent subsidies.

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