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Klimaactive tool for Energy Management & Benchmarking

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Klimaaktiv is the climate protection initiative in Austria aided at the development and provision of quality standards for climate protection, with a devoted section on buildings. As part of their commitment to reduce carbon from buildings, klimaactive has developed a benchmarking tool (The tool has been developed in German only).

Energy management and benchmarking are proven tools for improving energy efficiency in industrial and commercial enterprises.


As part of the klimaaktiv program "energy-efficient companies” this tool has been created in order to facilitate the energy management of companies to meet energy standards.


With this tool it is possible to make an online comparison of one’s company energy consumption with the industry average under the heading "Energy Key Figures".


The tool displays the key figures in the form of a traffic light diagram. Users can enter their own data and compare the specific energy consumption of their company with the average industry values.


After indicators are found, it is then possible to find how efficiently a particularly company’s use energy is compared to the othe buildings/companies of the same type.


To make a comparison, it is necessary to enter the parameters for a specific enterprise/company operation, eg consumption of energy and water, costs per energy source (eg EUR / kWh), and reference quantities such as number of employees or production volume.


Consumption and benchmarks refer to one year.


Types of enterprises:


- office


- printing


- hairdressers


- trade


- Woodworking and processing


- Hotel industry and gastronomy


- Garages


- Plastics industry


- metal processing


- Food and food industry


- textile cleaner

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