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Les avancées du Plan Bâtiment du Grenelle Environnement

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The Grenelle Environment Forum aims at elaborating a road map for France regarding ecology, sustainable development and sustainable land settlement. In the frame of the Grenelle, a vast plan to improve the energy efficiency of buildings was launched and the first results are discussed in the attached document, a press kit presented by the French Government on 28 October 2009. In a nutshell: 10 times more request for low energy buidldng certifications (BBC label) than initially foreseen, 50 000 zero interest loans, 1,7 billion € dedicated to energy efficient building renovation, 45 000 jobs mobilised.

La mutation énergétique en marche :
- 10 fois plus de logements BBC que prévu,
- 50 000 éco-prêts à taux zéro,
- 1,7 milliard d’euros de travaux de rénovation énergétique,
- 45 000 emplois.

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