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Attuazione della Direttiva EPBD in Italia: stato dell’arte a Giugno 2008

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The implementation of the EPBD in Italy is the responsibility of the Ministry of Economic Development, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Infrastructures. Before approval, the authorisation of the Committee of Regions is compulsory, through the Conference State-Regions. According to the modification of the Italian Constitution, Part V, the energy policy is partially delegated to the Regions and autonomous provinces, leaving the drafting of the general framework to the central government, while the regions have the final right to adapt it to their individual requirements. Some regions, in anticipation of the long delayed national guidelines, have developed their own procedures on minimum requirements and the certification of buildings. Three regions now have an official certification scheme already available. Furthermore, some local authorities, municipalities especially, have introduced in their own Building Regulations compulsory criteria for energy certification.
Italian version of Information Paper P084 of EPBD Buildings Platform

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