Rozporządzenie Ministra Finansów [...] w sprawie obowiązkowego ubezpieczenia odpowiedzialności cywilnej osoby sporządzającej świadectwa charakterystyki energetycznej budynku [...] stanowiącej samodzielną całość techniczno-użytkową

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The ordinance of the Polish Minister of Finance of December 28, 2009 (published in Journal of Laws no. 224, item 1802) introduces obligatory civil liability insurance for experts issuing energy performance certificates for buildings. The ordinance requires 25 000 euro as the minimum level of cover that is provided.
The new requirement protects both the experts issuing certificates and their clients, building owners and developers. Insured experts protect their solvency in case their mistake causes a damage. The clients can feel safer, because they are sure to receive compensation if their claim is justified. The text of the ordinance in Polish in PDF format is available for download at

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