Introduction to GEOTABS: combining thermally activated building systems (TABS) with ground coupled heat pumps (GCHP) and passive heat exchangers

GEOTABS is an acronym for the combination of geothermal heat pumps with thermally activated building systems (TABS).  It is an innovative clean technology for energy efficient and healthy buildings which has several advantages; the radiant heating and cooling system has already proven to be one of the most comfortable ways to condition indoor spaces, especially multi-storey offices.


Approval of the EN-ISO Energy Performance Buildings (EPB) and EPB EN-standards

On last REHVA journal, Jaap Hogeling has announced that the series of 17 EN-ISO Energy Performance Buildings (EPB) standards and 29 EPB EN-standards passed the Final Vote last week of January 2017 and will soon be published.


This set of EPB standards will be the basis for the Energy Performance Buildings assessment in Europe.