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Good intentions, but more needed, regrets EURIMA

The proposed 30% binding energy efficiency target marks the recognition of energy efficiency as catalyst for securing sustainable growth, jobs and competitiveness in the EU.


Eurima shares the intentions of the Commission to accelerate building renovation rates, to facilitate access to finance and create jobs in the building sector. At the same time, we question whether the proposed legislative package will effectively unleash the intrinsic energy savings potential of buildings and building renovation as most cost-effective contributor to decarbonisation.


District Heating to boost EU energy transition states Euroheat & Power

The European Commission has just released its “Clean Energy For All Europeans” package, which includes key Energy Union legislative proposals: revisions of the Directives on Energy Efficiency (EED), Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD) and Renewable Energy Sources (RED) including biomass sustainability rules, as well as a new Electricity Market Design and Energy Union governance framework.


Energy Cities: Democracy, Decentralisation, Divestment: '3D screening' of the EU Energy Package

How “3D compatible” is the newly released, 1200-page strong “clean energy for all Europeans” package released today by the European Commission? How much does it contribute to a system shift towards more prosperity, legitimacy and leadership on sustainable energy? In other words: how is legitimacy secured by Democratising the energy system, empowering citizens and communities?

EGEC gives a tepid welcome to the Clean Energy Package

The European Geothermal Energy Council gives a tepid welcome to the EU Commission’s proposals for the revision of the EU energy framework. 


The European Commission unveiled the “Clean Energy Package” including, amongs other things, the revision of the directives on Renewable Energy (2009/28/EC), the Energy Performance of Buildings (2010/31/EU), Energy Efficiency (2012/27/EU), and the design of the electricity market.


COGEN: Rewarding the added value of cogeneration

COGEN Europe welcomes the renewed commitment to the “energy efficiency first” principle in the European Commission’s “Clean Energy for All Europeans” package released on November, 30th. To unlock the potential of high efficiency cogeneration, the ‘energy efficiency first’ principle should be consistently applied across all the legislative proposals in the Package, and across the whole energy system, from customers right through to generators, taking an integrated approach across heat and power.


It is feasible to unleash the potential of Building Automation and Controls, says eu.bac

The European Building Automation and Controls Association (eu.bac), welcomes the launch of the Clean Energy EU Package adopted on November 30, 2016 by the European Commission, including, amongst other things, a new Ecodesign Working Plan and revised Energy Efficiency (EED) and Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

No more support for fossil fuels anymore?

Earlier this year, in its Heating and Cooling Strategy, the European Commission addressed thermal energy for the first time in a consistent manner. This was timely, as decarbonising Europe’s energy system is impossible without decarbonising the heating and cooling sector.



The ‘Clean Energy Package’ that was published yesterday is a step in the right direction to enshrine the objectives of the Strategy in EU law.


Accelerating clean energy in buildings

REVHA - the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning associations- summarises the main items of  'Clean Energy of All Europeans' Package


The European Commission unveiled the long-awaited “Clean Energy for All Europeans” Package, an extensive set of legislative proposals including the proposal on the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), a binding 30% energy efficiency target, clarified Ecodesign framework and measures, and smarter finance to help Europe grow while meeting its climate goals.



Towards a progressive transition to a low-carbon energy: Eurofuel position

The liquid fuel heating sector welcomes the “Energy Efficiency First” principle and calls for a fair and progressive transition to a low-carbon energy that facilitates innovation in Europe


The European Commission adopted today a major legislative package which should help Europeans on the way to a more efficient and cleaner use of energy. Eurofuel, representing the European liquid fuel heating sector, welcomes an ambitious milestone for the EU to achieve its commitments to mitigate climate change and ensure all citizens benefit from an evolving energy model.