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13 winners receive the European GreenBuilding Award 2010

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Frankfurt / Main, April 14th, 2010. For the second time, the European GreenBuilding Award for energy efficient non-residential buildings has been handed over within the European Light & Building Fair and the IEECB’10 Conference (Improving Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings) in Frankfurt today. 13 projects in 4 categories were awarded. The awarding ceremony was organized by the Austrian Energy Agency being the Austrian National Contact Point for GreenBuilding.

Anyone who submitted his building(s) to the respective National Contact Point for GreenBuilding between January 2008 and September 2010, has automatically taken part in the European GreenBuilding Award competition 2010. The National Award winners of 9 EU-countries were assessed by a five-member jury according to defined quantitative and qualitative criteria. Among them, the jury has chosen the 13 most ambitious projects in the categories Best Endorser, Best Corporate Partner, Best Refurbishment Projects, and Best New Projects.

Following the Winners with their Presentations of the European GreenBuilding Award 2010:

Download the Presentation of the Workshop„Energy efficiency in non-residential buildings here.

The assessment of the finalists

The National-Award winners of each participating country were automatically qualified for the European GreenBuilding Award. The 36 final projects were assessed by an expert jury consisting of five buildings and energy experts according to a set of quantitative and qualitative criteria. The quantitative criteria were assessed according to a simple points system counting the concrete saving measures. The qualitative criteria, however, covered innovation and replication potential.

About the GreenBuilding Programme

GreenBuilding is a programme on a voluntary basis initiated by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC). GreenBuilding addresses owners of newly built or refurbished private or public non-residential buildings, who want to invest in the energy efficiency of their buildings, thus reducing the overall energy consumption. According to a comprehensive energy concept which they have to submit, the overall energy consumption has to be reduced by 25% with refurbishing projects, whereas with newly erected buildings the energy consumption has to be at least 25% less than required by the building standard in force at that time. Throughout the EU, there are more than 155 buildings belonging to GreenBuilding Partners.
For more information on JRC, please see

Pictures from the European GreenBuilding Awards 2010 in Frankfurt/Main

GreenBuilding Endorser

An enterprise active in the fields of architecture, building construction, energy or engineer consultancy, or energy services, and acquiring at least one new GreenBuilding Partner.

Green Building Corporate Partner

Any enterprise holding a property of at least 10 objects and incorporating the major part of their property into the GreenBuilding Programme (new or refurbished).

GreenBuilding Refurbishment Projects

Refurbishing projects with at least 25% energy savings.

GreenBuilding New Projects

New buildings with an energy consumption at least 25% less than required by the building standard in force.

Acronym of the case

European GreenBuildind Award 2010

Lessons learnt

Due to the organisation and realisation of the European GreenBuilding Award a high media coverage of the GreenBuilding-programme could be established. The winners act as good-practise examples and will motivate a replication.

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Operational date

Wednesday, 14 April, 2010