Amélioration de la performance énergétique du parc de l’Université de Rouen (76)

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The University of Rouen (France) uses 70 buildings (328500 square meters) with a great diversity in type and use (classes, amphitheaters, research laboratories, offices, sport halls, libraries ...), as well as in age (buildings have been constructed or renovated between 1886 and 2010). An energy savings programme was launched in 2004. A detailed energy audit had been operated in 2006, highlighting the need to optimize the energy management (overheated buildings, spaces heated without interruption ...) and the energy supply or operation contracts.

Four action types were defined:

  • improve the performance of buildings
  • optimize the contracts so that the operating companies are motivated in energy savings
  • establish energy management
  • educate and train users and managers.

Energy consumption was reduced from ep 240 kWh / m² / year in 2009 to 192 kWh ep / m² / year in 2011 (25% reduction). Two buildings were renovated to low energy levels. The renovation of another building is under study, with the goal to reach a performance of 41 kWh of primary energy / m² / year - at a reasonable cost.  Which will thus make this building a pilot project transferable to other similar buildings.

Lessons learnt

25% reduction of the energy consumption in 2 years.

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