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B'EST shopping center

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Complex of 55,000m2, built in the heart of the old coalfield Lorraine, near Germany.

Architectural description:

The complex of 55,000 m2, built in the heart of the old coalfield Lorraine, near Germany, integrates:

  • a shopping center including an Auchan hypermarket and about 60 banners;
  • a retail of 10 banners;
  • restaurants.

The project aims at a BREEAM certification level Very Good on the perimeter of the shopping center and HQE Aménagement for the entire site. In this framework the design has integrated:

-renewable energies (4,300m2 of photovoltaic panels);

-valorization of biodiversity (22,000m2 of vegetated roof, alternative management of stormwater, ecological monitoring);

-a societal and local dimension (vegetable gardens, hives, orchard);

-the economy of the water resource (rainwater recovery);

-promotion of alternative modes of travel (carpooling, electric vehicles).


Environmental and energy aspects:

-hygrothermal comfort guaranteed throughout the year in coherence with the targeted energy performance;

-visual comfort through the provision of natural light and optimized artificial lighting design (balance between energy performance and the need for merchandising);

-sanitary quality of indoor and outdoor spaces via the implementation of interior cladding with controlled environmental impacts, an optimized ventilation system (evacuation of internal pollutants), a landscape design that values local biodiversity and the creation of healthy living areas (allergenicity of the species taken into account).


Owner approach of sustainability:

For more than 45 years, CODIC has been working as a real estate developer. The main areas of development are commercial real estate. Each of their projects is characterized by the excellence of its location, the quality of programming, a strong architectural identity, the use of high-level technologies, the commitment to sustainable development for all our buildings and a carefully landscaped Area. For CODIC, the "Green" approach is not new because the environment has always been part of their fundamental criteria.


The certification of their buildings is now part of the development of standards established at European level. This environmental visibility makes it possible to objectify sustainability with their customers. The BREEAM certification chosen has the advantage of being internationally recognized, recognized by investors and occupants. This environmental bias made it possible to federate all 100 takers around common objectives, summarized in the takers' specifications. The concerns and commitments of CODIC are as follows:


  • systematically certify all buildings according to the BREEAM technical reference system;
  • integrate the project harmoniously with its environment;
  • offer optimal energy performance and control;
  • promote green spaces;
  • ensure accessibility of the site by public transit and soft mobility;
  • ensure good water management;
  • reduce the carbon footprint;
  • choose materials wisely;
  • effectively manage construction processes;
  • sustain the developments.

At the same time, the HQE Amenagements certification was also targeted. Approach applied throughout the project scope, it reinforces the issues defined by the MOA while strengthening actions defined and implemented on other topics such as the local societal dimension revitalized around the management of vegetable gardens, an orchard and hives.


Energy consumption:

  • Primary energy need: 416,80 kWhpe/m2.year
  • Primary energy need for standard building: 510,40 kWhpe/m2.year
  • Calculation method: RT 2012
  • Real final energy consumption/m2: 184.3 kWhfe/m2.year

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