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Building EQ - Tools and methods for linking EPBD and continuous commissioning

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Building EQ aimed at strengthening the implementation of the EPBD by linking the certification process with commissioning and optimization of building performance. Within the scope of the project methodologies and tools were developed that could be used for ongoing commissioning and optimization of non-domestic buildings using gathered data from the certification process according to the EPBD. The emphasis was on feasibility and cost-effectiveness with regard to building-practice. Today, after the certification, usually there is no continuous evaluation of the building performance in order to reach or maintain an energy-efficient operation. As a result the performance of buildings is often poor and does not represent the energetic / economic optimum. The consortium evaluated the developed methods and tools in 11 demonstration buildings in the 4 participating countries. Main target groups were the industry for Facility and Energy Management, real estate owners, energy agencies and energy consultants.
Programme area:
SAVE, Multiplying success in buildings




Nicolas Rehault

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems,Germany


Tel +49 (0)761 4588-5352


  • Energieagentur Regio Freiburg, Germany
  • ennovatis GmbH, Germany
  • Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Energetica, Italy
  • CIT Energy Management AB, Sweden
  • Insinööritoimisto Olof Granlund Oy, Finland



Provide methods and tools for ongoing commissioning of non-residential buildings with regard to building-practice and certification


Increased energy efficiency of non-residential buildings, tools on national and European level


EPBD, commissioning, building operation


01/2007 – 12/2009

Lessons learnt

Guidelines for monitoring and evaluation of building performance in connection with the EPBD were designed. Software tools for the ongoing evaluation of building performance were developed. Furthermore, energy/cost savings and results of the evaluation of the tools were documentated for 13 demonstration buildings. The methods were adopted by several members of the main target group.

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Monday, 1 January, 2007 to Friday, 31 December, 2010