Covestro Zukunftshaus Bottrop

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Detailed description:
Mixed-use commercial building located in the city centre of Bottrop; five units: public shops on ground level and offices in the levels above.

First commercial building renovation worldwide to reach a calculated plus-energy standard.

Building envelope:

  • PU insulation (Linzmaier and Puren products) was used in the flat roof, wall and basement ceiling to achieve highest insulation values at low thickness:
      roof: U value = 0.10 W/m2·K
      walls: front side (cladded façade) and back side (ETICS), U value = 0.13 W/m2·K
      cellar ceiling: U value = 0.32 W/m2·K
  • triple-glazed windows (U value = 0.89 W/m2·K, g = 0.49). Optimised use of daylight thanks to a lamella window

Energy efficient technologies:

  • LED lighting including presence control and daylight control (sensor) systems per office
  • glass fibre lighting technology using sunlight without additional energy supply
  • ceiling heating system (heating and cooling using activation of concrete ceiling core)
  • district heating pumps and heating control devices
  • decentralised ventilation with minimum 90% heat recovery
  • energy efficient lifts with 75% energy recovery


  • geothermal heat pump
  • photovoltaics (108 elements installed on roof and wall) including energy storage devices
  • wind plant of 300 W

Energy values:
Values before renovation are unknown.
Final energy demand after renovation (excluding on-site production of renewables):

  • heating demand: 13.3 kWh/m2.year
  • cooling demand: 0.8 kWh/m2.year
  • total final energy demand: 34.1 kWH/m2.year (excluding RES, including hot water, ventilation and lighting)
  • total energy demand: 29 kWh/m2.year (primary energy)
  • total demand: 21 233 kWh/year
  • total production: 28 865 kWh/year
  • energy fed into grid: 7 632 kWh/year

Use of renewables:

  • RES fraction 100% (excluding district heating energy peaks)

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For further questions: Oliver Helmke GmbH, Gerichtstr. 18, 46236 Bottrop (Germany)