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Energy Efficient Retrofitting - Technology and Maritime Museum in Malmo, Sweden (Continental Climatic Area)

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The A2PBEER research project focused on “energy efficient retrofitting” methodology for public buildings. Within the context of this project it has been developed an initial systemic energy efficient buildings’ retrofitting methodology for the three demonstration sites with the intention to provide a retrofitting methodology to be replicated into Public Buildings in Europe. This will take advantage of synergies derived from interventions at the district levels.


Three public buildings located in Bilbao Spain, Ankara Turkey and Malmo Sweden have been chosen to serve as demonstration districts. The chosen sites represent the three main climatic regions of Europe – Oceanic, Mediterranean and Continental. A range of innovative technologies will be developed and deployed at these sites with a view to achieving a highly efficient integrated retrofitting methodology that can be replicated throughout the European Union.


Constructed in the 1950’s, the Swedish demonstration building is located in Malmo in the southernmost part of Sweden. The Technology and Maritime Museum consists of three floors containing offices and workshops, but with the majority of space used for exhibitions. A 1940’s submarine is attached to the building by a poorly insulated glazed gangway.



The construction of the building consists of a prefabricated concrete frame with the external walls infilled with aerated concrete blocks. Load-bearing concrete pillars line the exhibition area supporting the roof with an array of steel lattice beams. The original double-glazed windows have partially been replaced over the years. At the northern aspect there is large window section and aluminium framed rooflights are fitted along the entire length of the roof. Except for the replacement of some of the windows, no major alterations have been made to the building envelope since its construction.


The central district heating system in Malmo provides the space heating and domestic hot water to the entire building. There is presently no provision for cooling. An air handling plant on site provides ventilation to the exhibition area only.


These retrofitting methods and strategies are discussed here:

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