Flores Malacca

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Delivered in late 2011 in Port city in the Reunion Island, the housing projects Malacca and Flores are designed as an urban complex and forms the entrance of the development zone Mail de l'Ocean, which aims to open the city to the port.

This is a 9-storey block with 138 social housing units divided into 53 student apartments, 24 social rented housings and 61 intermediate rental housings. On the ground floor services and businesses: tax office, post office and a restaurant. In addition to the concepts of diversity and energy savings, the project is finely adapted to the climatic constraints.

The Malacca Flores housing operations are designed as an urban complex forming the entrance of the mall Ocean, which originally should have been hosting the tram-train. "The whole design was guided by the question of sustainable development", says Philippe Jouanen. This is true for energy with the installation of a photovoltaic plant with a capacity of 690 kWh, and solar collectors with an individualized storage per apartment, "to empower people." But also for the treatment of bioclimatic buildings: buildings implantation party, through its faults, its hollow effects, these green squares, favors venturi effects and breakdown of the two islands (...)

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