"Green Office" in Meudon-la-forêt (France)

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This office building is the first experience of the "Green Office" concept developped by the company Bouygues Immobilier. The building is located in Meudon la forêt (France) and hosts a computer center working 24h/24. The heat produced by the cooling sation required to operate the informatic system is used to cover 60% of the heating demand and 100% of the domestic hot water demand. An Air handling unit with energy recovery preheats or precools the air though the ventilation system. Natural ventilation replaces air conditionning and the building is equiped with a cogeneration unit (canola seed oil) and 4100m2 of photovoltaics panels. The building is under a process of BBC Effinergie certification

The dimensions of the building were calculated to facilitate reductions in energy requirements. Office buildings are customarily 18 m or 20 m deep. Yet daylight effectively penetrates only the first 5 or 6 metres of office space. It was therefore decided that for Green Office® more than half the floors would be no more than 13.5 m deep: 6 m of office space on each facade, with a 1.5 m wide corridor at the centre. On the deeper floors (18.50 m) the central area is occupied by plant rooms, washrooms, tea rooms, etc.).

The façade is divided into 1.35-m-wide vertical strips. Every second one is a very large fixed-pane window. The other is made up of three small strips, one aligned with the concrete structure of the building, one with a motor-controlled window for natural ventilation, and one with a manually opened window. These opening lights enable the façade to be continuously adapted to the building’s heating and cooling requirements, in accordance with the weather. The level of insulation and weatherproofing provided by the façade varies, depending on weather conditions and the required comfort levels

Lessons learnt

The targeted primary energy conumption for the "green office" building is 62 kWh/m2.

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