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GreenBuilding Partner Allianz Elementar Versicherung AG - Office Allianz

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Office building Allianz

The office building at the Viennese west entry with it's prominent dark Labrador stone facade and the infra stop mirror glass facade has been seat for the central management of the insurance company "Allianz Elemntar Versicherungs AG" since 1977. Most places of work for the approx. 800 employees are arranged in open-plan offices which are the most favourable solution regarding the usable surface. Accordingly the house is also supplied with heating and air conditioning systems especially planned for such kind of open-plan offices. The desks are illuminated with artificial light. The so called pendant lights have separate switches which provide either direct or indirect lighting. The house technical facilities are constantly serviced and meintained and brought to the newest state of the art, whereas special value is put on energy efficiency with consideration of economical aspects.

The headquarter of the insurance company Allianz Elementar Versicherung AG in Vienna has been built between 1970 and 1979. The building has a gross floor area of about 37,600 m². Between 2004 and 2008 a broad range of measures has been taken to enhance the energy efficiency of the building.

Measures that would affect the building envelope could not be implemented because the building is rented. Measures concerning the building services included:

  • Replacement of old boilers with new condensing boilers
  • Refurbishment of the central BMS
  • Exchange of old office equipment
  • Replacement of old lighting and lighting regulation
  • Refurbishment of A/C system (air washer, heating and cooling grill)

Moreover the company tries to reduce their environmental impact by waste management, reduction of travelling and paper use, integration of energy saving objectives in the development of new insurance products and involvement of the employees in their projects.

Acronym of the case

Office Allianz

Lessons learnt

Due to the refurbishment measures the gas consumption could be reduced by more than 77% from 551,865 m³ in 2004 to 152,639 m³ in 2007. The electricity consumption could be reduced in the same time period from 6,167,104 kWh to 4,436,220 kWh or by more than 28%. The Allianz Elementar Versicherung AG thinks that they have responsibility for the environment and therefore have to act ecologically. Climate protection is not only part of the company strategy, concrete measures are implemented. In this case not only the environment could be disburdened, the company could also save money.

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