Heat pumps replace electrical heating

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Retrofit with energy-efficient inverter heat pumps replaces electrical night storage heating in multistorey flats in Essen, Germany. Monovalent airto- air heat pump heating using aerothermal renewable energy represents 72% savings on tenants’ energy bill in Essen retrofit project which is labelled with 30kWh/m² without extra exterior wall insulation.

Lessons learnt

When renovating or building new multi-family housing projects without a heat distribution system, inverter heat pumps offer an economical, hassle-free, state-of-the-art and proven solution using aerothermal renewable energy. They permit unprecedented savings on the operating cost, while offering functions that conventional heating systems simply don’t have. The measured savings in the Essen project amounted to more than 70% for both energy consumption and energy cost, and clearly show the advantages offered by heat pump technology. These energy savings also translate into annual CO2 savings of more than 28 tonnes per year. The effectiveness of inverter heat pumps is documented by the energy performance certificate for this not insulated building: 30kWh/m².

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