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Hol Church

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Year of construction:    1924
Year of renovation (start):  2006-2007
Number of storey:   1

Heated volume   Approx 6000 m3
Cubic contents, volume  Approx 6150 m3
Gross area    600 m2
Living area
Floor area (heated space)  550 m2 (net)
Window/glass areas   5 %
4.1.2. Site
The church is located in a mountain valley in the centre of Norway’s Southern part, located by the railway line half way between Oslo and Bergen and only minutes form the popular winter ski resort Geilo. 60 degrees North, 8 degrees East.

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Author(s) information


Harald N.Røstvik. Architect.


Lessons learnt

unnecessary high level. 4.7.3. Overall Economic evaluation Total extra costs (Foreseen) [EUR] Total extra costs (Observed) [EUR] Saving (Foreseen) [EUR/a] Saving (Observed) [EUR/a] Payback Foreseen [a] Payback Observed [a] 136 700 51 000 6 100 9 689 22 5

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Sunday, 1 January, 2006


More information: For more information can be referred to the homepage of BRITA in PuBs project This can be seen as the main communication core and publications, deliverables, newsletters etc. can be found on the homepage. Furthermore the result from the project has been distributed by presentations on conferences, articles in national and international journals and courses for students.

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EU 6th Framework Programme