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House of Ile de France, Paris, France

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Energy & Temperate Climates winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

Located in the Cité universitaire de Paris, the Maison de l'Ile de France is the first eco-campus in the capital. The project is exemplary and implements a high energy performance strategy to meet ZEN objectives (Zero Energy, Zero Carbon, Zero Nuclear Waste) and thus anticipate the thermal regulations of 2020.


With its 142 rooms and triangular shape, the residence opens to form a wide wall that captures solar energy. The facade overlooking the peripheral boulevard is made up of 563 m² of photovoltaic sensors and 260 m² vacuum thermal panels combined with an inter-seasonal storage system of 156 m3. This device constitutes the signature of the house.


The storage tank will ensure 80% of the thermal requirements, so in winter, heating and domestic hot water can use the surplus energy stored in summer. This lets you guess the innovative energy feature of this house that produces more energy than it consumes.


Primary energy need :-5,90 kWhpe/m2.year  -  Calculation method :RT 2005


Breakdown for energy consumption :
- Heating: 2.44 kWhep / m².an
- Cooling: 0 kWep / m².an
- Domestic hot water: 6.53 kWep / m².an
- Ventilation: 10.19 kWep / m².an
- Lighting: 17.42 kWep / m².an
- Photovoltaic: 48.53 kWep / m².an
- Auxiliary equipment: 1.46 kWep / m².an


Air Tightness Value :0.6


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Agence Nicolas Michelin et associés - Designer + DEERNS France Thermal consultancy



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