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House on the Mountain

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Juri Troy Architects

​The House on the Mountain was conceived as house for one family with three additional holiday apartments.

It softly nestles against the slope and it’s size, roof shape and materials are inspired by the traditional „Wälderhaus“. The plot shapes the volume horizontally and vertically. As a result the public entrance can be accessed from the lower level and the private family entrance can be reached from the ground floor. The façade is covered by silver fir shingles and additionally structured through horizontal window strips. The interior is equally furnished in wood. The solid wood construction allows for a minimal carbon dioxide consumption. The holistic energy concept comprises the use of a short distance district heating and an energy roof with 112 m² of photovoltaic that is ideally orientated and delivers electricity as well as warm water.


All together this house produces more energy than it consumes – is therefore a ACTIVEHOUSE – and can be used without producing any additional carbon (...)



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