ISEA Learning Center

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The learning centre was built to help children coming from under-privileged families from Suceava.

The ISEA Association (intervention, support, education, assistance) had the initiative of creating an after school program for these children, which would be managed by volunteering nuns. They started this program in a small building and soon realised that they needed to expand. The old building didn't correspond to basic needs such as comfort, lightning, acoustics, and noise control. At this juncture, an inexpensive yet effective architectural solution was requested. ISEA Learning Centre was designed to be a home away from home for children, where they can learn, laugh, grow, and have fun. In families with financial difficulties or broken homes, children tend to study in a non-conducive, high pressure environment. The learning centre is designed to create a pleasant learning atmosphere in a joyful space.The center offers a mix of large spaces for group learning and several smaller, age-specific classrooms. Due to the fact that the building serves for educational needs targeting children aged 5 to 18, and thus a wide-age category, the interior needed to be as unitary as possible.The interior design concept is focused on playing with the exterior and using random dimensions for windows in random positions, which welcome ample natural light from more playful angles.(...)

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