Leisure & Education centre: Bouc Bel Air

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Construction of a facility for the following uses:


Primary school
Elementary classes.
A youth center consisting of a recreational home without accommodation
A youth shelter


The site is on the edge of a natural space which is intended to remain with an unobstructed view of the plain. The land has an elevation across approximately 10 m. 

Down the field, one level gives access to the school and to the restoration and its two separate courts.

At the top level, is the leisure center which is accessible from the top of the site; the youth shelter is on the hill.

Each program entity can operate independently. At the top, the views are unobstructed, access and outdoor spaces allow fluid circulation, suitable for children, families (strollers) and PMR.

Regarding the environmental approach, the architecture integrates bioclimatic scale efficiently and is a simple design.

An energy performance envelope ensures (...)

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