Logistics Platform DECATHLON

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Logistics platform for DECATHLON - 5 cells of 6000m2 and 1000m2 of office space

The supply regional center will supply all the area stores.

HQE certified project level: Very Good.

Highlighting aspects:

biodiversity monitoring the design and implementation by an ecologist + differentiated management of the operation site for 10 years minimum
Building materials: use of wood in the structure of the warehouse and offices: posts / walls / wooden roof. Implementation of concrete with 28% of recycled aggregates (sand blast furnaces). 1st application of a circular economy with the Carrières du Boulonnais
Energy: RT 2012 on the whole: office and warehouse area, with a project Cep <62.6 at baseline Vine.
Stormwater Management: 100% infiltration on website

The objective was to expand production capacity by improving the quality and comfort for employees while constructing a building concerned about the impact it could have on the environment.
Architectural description : Conduct a pleasant logistics platform in view of the outside and qualitative and comfortable for internal users. 
General concern about the environment with the inclusion of residents in landscape amenities (mounds to "hide" the building) and the orientation of the building with truck access north: open orientation on a farm field. Biodiversity, materials (wood): 100% + in offices in the warehouse cells

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